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Launching RetinaLyze OCT – detect over 70 pathological signs in 45 seconds

We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking new service, RetinaLyze OCT, that supports optometrists in detecting more than 70 pathological signs of retinal conditions in only 45 seconds.

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April 4, 2022
Product updates

We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking new service, RetinaLyze OCT, that supports optometrists in detecting more than 70 pathological signs of retinal conditions (follow this link to see the conditions). RetinaLyze OCT, powered by, is a new module, which is now available in the RetinaLyze Web App.

What is OCT?

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is an advanced technology that provides highly detailed images of the retina. This groundbreaking method uses light waves to capture cross-section pictures of the retina, allowing for topographical mapping of the eye including macular thickness.

OCT-scan of normal, healthy patient (macula area of retina)
OCT scan example of a healthy patient (macula area)

Compared to fundus photographs, which capture a 2D image of the top layer of the retina, OCT captures a 3D depth-scan of the retina (similarly to an ultrasound). The 3D scan makes it possible to distinguish each of the retina’s distinctive layers - and map and measure each layer's thickness. Anomalies in the thickness and structure of each layer can be used to detect a number of possible diseases. OCT is also extremely helpful to measure the changes in a patient’s eyes over time. Read more about OCT here.

What is RetinaLyze OCT?

RetinaLyze OCT, powered by, is an algorithm, which enables safe, efficient and quick screening using OCT in both clinical and retail settings. The purpose of the RetinaLyze OCT algorithm is to make it accessible to perform and receive screenings for signs of eye diseases (such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macula edema).

The algorithm analyzes OCT scans and gives easily understandable results in 45 seconds. The entire process involves only the B-scans from Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) devices. The RetinaLyze OCT is available in the RetinaLyze webapp alongside the existing retinal image related services.

RetinaLyze OCT supports all major brands and makes of OCT devices.

The screening process

A RetinaLyze OCT screening works in three easy steps: Capture a retinal photo/OCT scan, upload it to our service and receive results within 30 seconds for fundus images and 45 seconds for OCT images.

The entire process can be initiated using a web-browser, internet connected software, or an internet connected OCT-device and is compatible with all major fundus cameras and OCT devices. The algorithms detect pathological signs, which should be examined in detail by an ophthalmologist.

In the event of software identifying a retinal pathology returned through a Red result, the image can optionally be sent to an associated specialist, who will provide the operator with a manual assessment. In some cases the patient will be advised to contact a local ophthalmologist for further examination. This ophthalmologist then performs the diagnosis and recommends treatment.

An example of a result

When uploading the OCT-scans in the RetinaLyze Web app, the algorithm analyses the macula area of the retina. In the figure below, 128 individual b-scans were analysed. Within 45 seconds the software detects exactly where the anomalies are placed. This reduces the time spent examining eye scans by 30%, making the eye test process more efficient and enabling the optometry retailer to potentially increase the number of eye tests each day.

Results are displayed in color codes (GREEN, YELLOW ORANGE, RED) indicating the necessity of a referral to an eye specialist. Individual b-scans are highlighted in their respective result color code and the entire scan can be easily navigated using a mouse or touch-screen.

Read more about using RetinaLyze here.

The RetinaLyze software highlights the individual b-scans which need your attention (marked in Yellow, Orange and Red), saving you valuable time

Increase professionalism and customer loyalty

The algorithm makes it possible to provide consistent retinal screenings and recommendations irrespective of employees’ education and experience. By using artificial intelligence, the quality of the eye screening and the customer’s experience are homogeneous at all times. RetinaLyze will strengthen your professionalism and be your most valuable partner when you enter the market of healthcare related services.

By automating the identification of early signs of pathology, the joint venture between the optometrist and the RetinaLyze software releases extra time for more customers. Whether you plan to offer the screenings as an independent product or as an add-on to your standard eye exams, the availability of RetinaLyze screenings will improve your customer experience and safety, while the automated algorithm will reduce the time spent examining eye scans.

Get started with a free trial

To get started with the encrypted online access to the RetinaLyze software, you need to have a subscription. The subscription price varies based on the number of screenings you perform each month. Our customers have an average cost of less than €1,25 per fundus analysis and €2 per OCT analysis. Get in touch with us here to get started with a free trial.

About RetinaLyze System A/S

RetinaLyze System A/S (Ltd.) is a Denmark-based software company providing artificial intelligence and telemedicine solutions to the Optometry and Healthcare industry. RetinaLyze has performed over 3.5 million screenings in Europe and referred over 70.000 of those screenings with potential eye diseases. The software is used in hospitals, eye clinics, optical chains, and optometrists’ stores.

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