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Screening-system or CDSS

RetinaLyze® is a screening software, which aids eye care professionals in screening for signs of eye diseases in a safe and efficient manner. RetinaLyze detects signs of various eye diseases by analyzing fundus images and can be used as a clinical decision support system or as a screening tool.

Pricing as low as €1 per screening

Whether you plan to use RetinaLyze® in your retail store as a customer traffic generator or as a CDSS in a clinical setting, RetinaLyze® has you covered. Buy screenings in bulk or get a subscription. Start screening efficiently for just €1 per screening.

Safety, Security and Availability

RetinaLyze® is a CE-marked and clinically validated system. It uses the highest possible encryption level to keep your data, images and communication. Internal load balancers in the system make sure that the service is always available and ready to use at any time.
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