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Enthusiastic listeners at the opti FORUM and keen interest in the exhibition stands

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January 22, 2020
Events & Fairs

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Dr. Andreas Frings, RetinaLyze Ophthalmologist
Dr. Andreas Frings, back-up ophthalmologist at RetinaLyze

The entire RetinaLyze team and their partners were close to our customers this year. At a total of six exhibition stands, visitors were able to find out about our concept of eye screening with artificial intelligence.

But that's not all: on the first day of the fair, the RetinaLyze eye-specialist backup doctor, Dr. Andreas Frings, conducted a lecture at opti FORUM. This event was full to the very last seat. The lecture titled "Artificial Intelligence heralds a new era for opticians" turned out to be a real crowd-puller.

The great interest in the web-based screening software was immense on all three days; Visitors were enthusiastic about this easy-to-use eye screening service. Slowly the term “artificial intelligence” seems to trigger fascination and enthusiasm. We couldn't have wished for a better beginning of 2020.

Thank you very much!

RetinaLyze was able to count on strong, like-minded and highly motivated partners at opti2020 as last year.

OPTI 2020 RetinaLyze and EyeNovation
Frederic Kollmeier (left), Product and Marketing Manager and Dirk Liphardt, Sales Manager (right) as well as the RetinaLyze Team (middle)
OPTI 2020 RetinaLyze and Rupp + Hubrach
Marcus Rummler, Product Manager

OPTI 2020 RetinaLyze and Topcon
Regina Otto, Product Manager
OPTI 2020 RetinaLyze and mediconsult
Benjamin Günter, Product Manager Diagnostic

OPTI 2020 RetinaLyze and Oculus
Sebastian Maẞling, Key Account Manager
OPTI 2020 RetinaLyze and argus
argus Partner Messestand

Did you miss us at opti2020?

Read briefly what the RetinaLyze ® software can do in cooperation with suitable hardware and what advantages you can gain with it:

What can RetinaLyze do?

The RetinaLyze ® software (SaaS solution) uses a trained algorithm (AI) to check both fundus photos taken for any abnormalities that may indicate diabetic retinopathy (DR), dry age-related macular degeneration (dry AMD) and / or glaucoma (glaucoma). The feedback itself takes place in a clear, easy-to-understand report: abnormalities are reported using a traffic light system and a recommendation for further action (re-examination in a year and / or further assessment by an ophthalmologist).

Your benefits with RetinaLyze

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