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Partnership announced at IX Biennial Congress of Glaucoma 2018

We're proud to announce our partnership with Unica Pharma, who launched the RetinaLyze Glaucoma software in Buenos Aires, Argentina this weekend!

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August 14, 2018
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RetinaLyze System A/S is proud to announce our partnership with Unica Pharma (located in Argentina and Brazil), who will distribute the RetinaLyze software.

This weekend, Unica Pharma and Dr. Jens Thygesen presented the RetinaLyze Glaucoma software at the IX Biennial Congress of Glaucoma 2018 organised by ASAG. The congress, which took place in Buenos Aires - Argentina, had over 400 attending ophthalmologists with a speciality in glaucoma.

Senior Medical Advisor, Dr. Jens Thygesen, and Working Chairman, Robert Birch, proceeded to meet local Ophthalmology interest groups and associations in Argentina and Brazil to discuss the use of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology. There was a very big interest in the practical application of AI in relation to screening and diagnosis of eye-diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, AMD and glaucoma, which are characterised by being symptomless in the early stages, while causing vision-threatening damage if it goes untreated.

There is high inequality in the level and distribution of ophthalmologists between and within countries in Latin America, with a disproportionate number concentrated in more developed, socially advantaged areas. As a result both most patients in Latin and South-America battle long waiting lists as well as long travel times to visit specialists for an eye screening.

There lies great benefits for society and the individual patient in utilising local satellite clinics enabled with AI to pre-select patients who need further examination or treatment by a specialist instead of referring all in the risk groups directly to an ophthalmologist.

For more information about Diabetic Retinopathy in each country, visit DR Barometer:

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