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RetinaLyze launches a new software version to enhance the workflow of the eye specialist

RetinaLyze has launched a new version of their fundus analysis software offering a range of improvements designed to streamline workflows and assist in decision-making.

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March 4, 2024
Product updates

The key updates include a new user interface that makes navigation and operation more intuitive. This means that optometrists can spend less time struggling with the software and more time focusing on the client/patient. Additionally, the artificial intelligence is upgraded, enabling faster and more accurate analysis of fundus images and OCT scans* (optical coherence tomography).

Grouping of images in consultations

The new version of RetinaLyze introduces an improved user interface that makes navigation and operation more intuitive. This helps optometrists save time, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Individual images from the same patient are now grouped in consultations. If 2 or more images of the same patient are captured, you will no longer see multiple lines of images from the same patient.

You open each consultation/patient by pressing OPEN CONSULTATION.

Quickly find the right consultations

The software now offers a filter that allows for efficient sorting of consultations by their status. Now, you can quickly find the consultations that have been sent to Eye-specialist backup (ESB) and those that have received responses. This helps keep track of the patient's progress and ensure that the patient receives a response as quickly as possible.

Improved patient history

It is now easier to review the patient's history. All images from the same patient are gathered in consultations on one page. This allows you to compare images of both eyes to detect bilateral conditions and also assess the same eye over time. It saves you time in identifying artifacts and other anomalies as well as examining disease progression over time.

You choose which images you want to compare by pressing 1 and 2 buttons next to each image. The images you are currently comparing will be marked in green.

AI upgrade for Glaucoma

RetinaLyze Glaucoma now offers more data on cup/disc ratio, cup/disc area, and GDF (total score) to help you make better decisions and refer correctly. Advanced Glaucoma information is an optional module.

Faster AI analyses

With the new update, AI analyses will run faster. Thus, you can expect a shorter analysis time from when you start an analysis to when you get a response back.

You no longer need to refresh the page (or click on the logo) to see if a response has come back. The page updates itself as soon as the results are available.

Save space on the screen

For those of you using smaller screens, you can now save more screen space for fundus images by collapsing the menu. Use the button (in the top left corner) for this.

When is the update releasing?

The update is launching on March 4, 2024, at 06:00 CET.


Do I/the store need to do anything?

The update is launched by RetinaLyze, and existing customers do not need to do anything in this regard.

Where can I find help?

In the bottom left corner, you can find direct links to the most common questions and help articles.

RetinaLyze support can be contacted at tel. +45 71 990 321 between 09:00-15:00 on weekdays or via

New guides will be available at from March 4, 2024.

A video guide is available here:

*RetinaLyze OCT is powered by Altris.AI

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