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RetinaLyze nominated for an award

RetinaLyze nominated for the “CareWare-Next Entrepreneur 2017” award

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October 16, 2017
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Eight welfare technologies and aids were nominated in the CareWare-Next competition on Wednesday 11 October. Participants come from all over Denmark and compete for the CareWare-Next Entrepreneurship Award and the CareWare-Next Idea Award. The nomination entitles you to one month’s accelerator course up to the final in November.

The City of Aarhus developed the concept of CareWare in 2010 and since then it has become an increasingly popular annual event.CareWare focuses on new technologies targeted at the fields of healthcare and assisted living.

RetinaLyze was nominated for the CareWare-Next Entrepreneurship 2017 Award. The other nominees were:

RetinaLyze System A/S will actively seek a cooperation in development and implementation with hospitals, clinics and general practitioners seeking to screen for signs of DR, AMD and Glaucoma efficiently.

CareWare-Next Innovation Entrepreneurship Award 2017

The overall purpose of the CareWare Next initiative is to support and promote the growth of health and welfare innovation. 

They are working to get the whole ecosystem actively involved – from citizens to municipal and hospital employees, students, researchers, research institutions, smart capital, health & care organizations, and businesses.

With this award CareWare-Next want to promote the growth of Danish entrepreneurs and startups that deliver or are about to deliver solutions within the health and welfare sector. The CareWare Next judges will prioritize the idea that has the biggest overall potential for growth estimated by the following categories: “Promising Product”, “Organization with Necessary Competences”, and “Realistic Business Model”. 

Who is RetinaLyze System A/S?

RetinaLyze System A/S was founded on the vision of preventing loss of eyesight and visual impairment worldwide. With globally improving life quality and awareness the number of patients needing and requesting eye care is increasing exponentially. To accommodate the need, eye care professionals must utilize faster and more efficient methods of screening, diagnosis and treatment.

By automating routine tasks such as screening, RetinaLyze makes screenings more affordable and accessible for the general public. 80% of all blindness in the world can be prevented with early screening and treatment. Early diagnosis is crucial – and possible with RetinaLyze®.

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