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RetinaLyze v1.2.2

RetinaLyze v1.2.2 has just been released!

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March 11, 2015
Product updates

We are proud to present RetinaLyze version 1.2.2, which consists of a few minor design changes and a better experience in older browsers (specifically Internet Explorer 8 and younger), together with a new Help Center with guides and news. A positive result on a AMD-screening is signalled with the colour red.

A couple of months back we chose (on the inquiry from individual customers) to change the colour displayed when changes are found on an AMD-screening. The colour was changed from red to blue. This, however, created confusion in terms of what the result was, due to the red colour on DR-screenings. To ensure that the results are easier to understand, and to create a identical system across illnesses, we choose the change the colour back to red.

A positive results (when changes are found) on an AMD-screening will be marked and signalled with a red colour.

New Help Center

A New Help Center is available for all existing customers free of charge. The Help Center contains a number of guidesand information that can help you and your business in using RetinaLyze.

Visit the Help Center and, please, share your ideas and tips for improvement with us.

Minor changes in design

It is more convenient to use RetinaLyze from a mobile phone or tablet, older browser (IE8 and newer), and screens with a lower dissolution (1200 pixels or less) – both in terms of design and use.

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