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RetinaLyze v1.2.4

RetinaLyze v1.2.4 has just been released!

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June 22, 2015
Product updates

We are proud to present RetinaLyze version 1.2.4. This version brings a number of updates that make the daily use of RetinaLyze easier and faster.

  1. The Enter-key can be presser for login, if everything is filled out in the login box.
  2. All who have attached the Eye specialist backup module will now receive an email when they receive an answer from the eye specialist.
  3. You will receive an suitable message if you are trying to login with a wrong username/password, or trying to access a page without being logged in to the system.
  4. You will be re-directed to the correct page after login after trying to access a specific page before login.
  5. The menu is no longer a drop-down menu. Instead, a menu adapted to the users role will be shown.
  6. A German version of RetinaLyze is now available.
Ganesh Ram

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