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RetinaLyze v2.0.1

RetinaLyze v2.0.1 has just been released!

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May 7, 2017
Product updates

Image quality assessment

Version 2.0.1 introduces a completely new feature. The new feature will analyze the quality of the photo and determine if the photo is ungradable, because of the photo quality. If a photo is classified as ungradable it will be shown to the user instead of the analysis result. Analyzing an ungradable photo will still be charged as one screening. It is not possible to start another analysis on a photo which has been classified as ungradable. 

This feature should be used as a reminder to the user. It is not meant to replace our guidelines for photo quality. So our users still need to determine whether a photo has the necessary quality to perform an analysis.

We have tested the feature on 148123 photos and about 3 % of the photos was tested positive for bad quality. We have manually inspected all positive results (bad images) and found a PPV (Positive prediction value) of 100%. Putting it differently not one of the images found by the feature was wrongly classified as a bad photo.

Sharper appearance and more accurate positioning of overlays

To make it easier for the operator to locate and distinguish marked alterations, the markings in the DR and AMD overlay now illustrate the border of the alteration.

Speed improvements

To decrease the number of steps/clicks necessary for performing an analysis, we have removed the confirmation pages for “image upload done” and “analysis done”. So instead of redirecting the user to a page telling them that the analysis is done, they will just get that information right on the Overview page. Please refer to the screenshot in the “Illustration” section, to see the change.


Security is very important for us. As new security technologies emerges we will continue to improve RetinaLyze Webapp security. This release will also contain security improvements, which will make access to data on the system even more secure. The added security measures will already now make us ready for the new EU data protection law which shall apply from 25 May 2018.

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