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RetinaLyze v2.1.6

RetinaLyze v2.1.6 has just been released!

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August 30, 2017
Product updates

We are proud to present RetinaLyze version 2.1.6, which consists of small improvements to make the system easier to use.

Supporting the DICOM standard

With the new release we will support the DICOM standard. This makes our solution easier to integrate with new software, since all data is stored in the same way.

Search across chains

It is now possible to enable that users within the same chain can search within data of all other users inside the same chain. So if a client visits another shop inside the same chain, the new shop will be able to find the previous result. Chain admins can also perform searches on data inside their chain. This feature is disabled by default, please contact us, if you are an existing customer who is interested in this feature.

Newly added search-field

All users have access to their own statistics page

All users now have access to their own statistics page. Here you can find the amount of screenings performed as well as the results. This page is accessible through the top-menu under Statistics.

The statistics page is accessed in the account drop-down
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