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RetinaLyze v3.7.1

RetinaLyze v3.7.1 with an improved Glaucoma algorithm has just been released!

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November 5, 2019
Product updates

We are proud to present RetinaLyze v.3.7.1. The update brings upgrades, which should improve the ease and speed of use of the Glaucoma algorithm in particular.

New image quality results for RetinaLyze Glaucoma: "Ungradable", "No ONH" and "Saturated"

RetinaLyze Glaucoma has been further improved to improve performance and ease-of-use. Two new "gray" results will therefore be added in relation to RetinaLyze Glaucoma.

"No ONH" indicates that the algorithm was not able to find the optic nerve head in the image. If this result is displayed, capture a new image while making sure that the optic nerve head / optic disc is present in the image.

"Saturated" indicates that the analyzed image was too saturated (with light/colors). If this result is displayed, capture a new image with a lower flash setting on your fundus camera.

"Ungradable" indicates that the image quality in general of the analyzed image was too bad for analysis. Capture a new image while making sure that the contrast, lighting and image quality follows our guidelines as described here:

Read more about the new results on these links:

Automatic laterality detection in the next update

We are working on automating detection of laterality, so the user will not have to choose laterality (right or left eye) of images if the data is not available at upload. This will be available in the next update (version 3.7.2).

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